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Tailor-made motocross packages catering to both novice and experienced riders, ensuring a memorable adventure, perfect for solos, groups and families.

Custom Packages

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Duration: 4 Days – 3 Months
Days Riding: Unlimited
Rider Ability: All abilities welcome
Bikes Available: Latest model – Honda CRF-250+450, Yamaha YZF-250+450 and the Husqvarna FC-250+450

What does the Custom package include?

  • Free airport transfers to and from Holeshot Holidays Spanish villa.
  • Free transportation to and from the tracks.
  • Unlimited fuel per day riding.
  • Inclusive of all track fees.
  • Track side support and advice.
  • Luxury villa accommodation for your duration.
  • Continental breakfast as well as track side lunch.
  • Free transportation to and from evening meals and activities.

What you need

For the Custom package you need – Flights to and from Alicante, your personal riding gear or select “Kit hire” when making your booking should you need us to provide this, insurance which covers you to ride motocross and repatriation, spending money for your evening meals and other luxury’s/souvenirs you would like to purchase throughout your stay.

How does Holeshot Holidays Spain’s Custom package work?

Once you have completed your booking and chosen your duration of stay and quantity of riding days as well as other items you wish to add, Holeshot Holidays Spain, will send you a confirmation e-mail. Prior to your arrival we will contact you for your flight numbers.

When customising your package please be aware you can add to ride days and other activities when you are in the care of Holsehot Holidays if you wish but this is determined on availability.

Please find an example below of how your holiday could look, once in the care of Holeshot Holidays Spain.

Day 1 - Meet & Greet
On the day of your arrival you will be greeted in the arrivals lobby of the airport by one of our friendly team. From here you will be transported to our luxury Spanish accommodation where you will be given a nice refreshing beer or soft drink if you would prefer. You will then be shown to your room and around your home from home for the next 7 Days. On the night of your arrival you will be cooked a lovely home-made meal which you can follow up with some relaxation by the pool.
Day 2 - 1st Day of Riding

After breakfast we will hop on the minibus and head for the track, where we will unload the bikes and get you set up for a great days riding. Throughout the day we will have refreshing soft drinks available as well as lunch and fresh fruit. After a great day riding, we will load up and head back to the villa where you can freshen up and chill out. A member of the team will take you into the local town for your evening meal or you can simply enjoy a BBQ at the pool side.

Day 3 - 2nd Day of Riding

Very much the same as day one. After breakfast we will hop on the minibus and head for the track, where once again you can test and improve on your skills whilst having a laugh and making great memories. Arriving back at the villa it’s time to relax, enjoy a well-earned cold beer, jump in the pool and swap tall tales of heroism from the days riding, something we will inevitably continue over dinner and into the night.

Day 4 - Time to be a Tourist

After 2 day’s putting yourself through the paces on the Southern Spanish tracks It’s time to see some of the local history, beaches and attractions. Additional 3rd party activities can be purchased through the optional extras list whilst making your booking. If you’re unsure on what you would like to do it is not a problem you can book these at any time depending on availability.

Day 5/6 - 3rd + 4th Day of Riding

Very much like your 1st and 2nd day of riding, after breakfast we will hop on the minibus and head for the track, where we can hone some of the skills you may have picked up from the staff at Holeshot Holidays or the fellow riders on your trip with you. Come the 4th day riding, for a bit of fun and the all-important bragging rights, should every one still have a pair of arms left after the endless hours of fun riding the bike, we will pull out the all-important stop watch and compete for the slowest competitor over 25mtrs award.

Day 7 - The Day We All Dread - Departure Day

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Although you will be reluctantly going home, you will be going home eager to book your next Holeshot Holidays Spanish package after experiencing the sun, sea and tracks Southern Spain has to offer. For the final time on this trip breakfast will be served and if you’re really lucky you might even have time for one last swim. Then we board the minibus and head back to reality, until next time of course.

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